Sunday, November 01, 2009

More Howat

That Howat boy

Well,where do we start with this guy.The begining!He's older than Beelsibub's Belly and shyer than a very Shy Cat.We find ourselves working together in the Hottest place in all of Scotland.........Wishaw.I just want to post this to tell the world that he is a Good Guy.....thats it,just that.Oh and that he has an addiction to's a couple of his Toons.Enjoy

Sunday, October 04, 2009

My First Standup all those Years ago.

My Edinburgh Fringe Festival Show

If you never Came to the show,You missed a magic afternoon.I was Feckin Awsome.Next year i Will do a one man Show.


Glasgow has some amazing People in it.Last weekend My Friend Thomas and I went to The Merchant City Festival in Glasgow.Thomas Loves Free Running and there3 was a Display and Training session during this Festival.We met the guys ,which was a big Deal for Thomas.They were all great and Spoke to him and gave him Their Autographs.They were all amazing Especially a guy called Zeno. Heres a link to his Blog .Be Amazed.

Saturday, August 23, 2008

Celtic win again

Celtic are back on thier winning ways Today we beat a Poor team called Falkirk.This put us top of the League i'm told.The best thing that happened was that one of our strikers Van Naeuse of Donkey pish got injured .Then we put on some good strikers and started to win.

Tuesday, August 05, 2008


Ah so your Back well ...This is what happened while you were away.


Ah so your Back well ...This is what happened while you were away.

The New Cartoon.......THE CLAN

Friday, June 27, 2008

Frank Adams

Today a part of Bargeddie's History is coming to an end.In 1972 a young man Called Frank joined our local primary School.I think it was as a Janny but i don't know i was only 4.Over the years many things have changed while other's haven't like his tie,shirt and shoes and of course his hairstyle ( Sadly now nylon ).
Today Frank retires.He has served this wee village well over the years and has risen to the rank of Headmaster.We haven't always seen eye to eye most recently in the whole ppp school nonsense but there was a time we did i was in primary 7 (the huts).Somebody had Nicked some Daffodils from Mr Robert Tippens garden (sadly now gone but i was lucky enough to call him a friend in my adult life)not me but i and a few others were earmarked for the belt.I was not happy with this as A. i didn't do it and B.Frank i was told was the hardest hitter of the belt unlike Mr O'hare who was a kind man with hairy hands and could beat Frank at Table tennis any day of the week.
So back to the Huts.Mr Adams calls out our names one at a time .He lined us up in front of the blackboard and one at a time he takes us behind the blackboard to a small work area and one at a time the guys come out holding their hands and looking sore after you heard the swish of a belt and the slapping noise of the belt making contact.Then came my turn (shit)...He didn't hit us he hit the table and told us too pretend...that shows the measure of the man.
Good luck Frank enjoy Parkhead and please smile when your on the telly.

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Tuesday, June 10, 2008


Many Years ago i had an alter ego.This man was the Fat Bast@rd,I had two accomplasis at this time,The Pieman ( Peter Parsons ) and Marraca boy ( Mick Brown ).Saddley these days are gone now and Like the superheros in the Invinciables we all find ourselves Defunked.Anyway here is a Cartoon from those hero days.